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For some reason, Europe is rarely associated with lavish casino cities. Compared to, for example, Las Vegas or Macao, European casinos are generally more small-scale. In return, you will find many of the world’s wealthiest, sophisticated and luxurious casinos in this continent.

If you have already tried Swedish “casinosajter“, worked your way through casinos in Denmark and now feel that you want to broaden your views, then there are plenty of given destinations around Europe.

Casino in Europe – an overview

Although gambling has been a permanent feature of virtually all historical civilizations, it can be argued that the casino is a fundamentally European invention. Already in the 1600s, the prototypical casino Ridotto opened its doors in Italy, and in the 1900s we have seen several impressive venues pop up on the European map. Here we will take a closer look at some of these and give a general introduction to European casinos.

There is no shortage of casino experiences in our part of the world. As is well known, the market in Sweden is somewhat limited, but if you look south, you quickly realize that gaming fans have an enormous number of places to turn to for pleasure, excitement and profit opportunities. Many people know, for example, that Monte Carlo offers a high-quality casino, but it is enough to take a quick look at the map below to realize that the range is extensive. Below we choose to take a closer look at six of these that every casino fan should know. If you want to know more about any of these, follow the link for a more comprehensive article.
Selected casinos in Europe
Casino at the Empire
In the heart of London at the vibrant Leicester Square, we find one of Europe’s best casinos. Casino at the Empire is the largest casino in the UK and offers a huge selection of casino games. With its beautiful location, welcoming and pleasant feeling and the fact that the casino never closes is a visit here to recommend to anyone who loves games and a great atmosphere.
The Clermont Club
Just like Casino at the Empire, the enchanting The Clermont Club enjoys a beautiful location close to central London. Unlike Casino at the Empire, however, this is a more sophisticated and discreet casino. They do not even use the term casino, but prefer to call themselves “Gaming Establishment”. Membership is required here to access, as the casino is closed to the public. If you want to apply for membership in this exclusive club, you can do so by sending a personal application.
Casino Baden Baden
Like many other casinos, this establishment is located in a different spa resort. Baden-Baden is a city located in southwestern Germany, close to the French border. It offers, in addition to the casino, a variety of other experiences such as spas, spa hotels and nature experiences. This is a casino for fun-lovers who like to get away from the noise and stress of big cities. Here, you unwind relaxing baths with exciting casino games, and it is not without reason that it is a favourite destination among gaming lovers around the world.
Casino Monte Carlo
If you talk to a casino, it is challenging to ignore Monte Carlo. The Casino de Monte-Carlo, as the official title reads, is of course located in the city-state of Monaco, a sovereign principality surrounded by the southeastern parts of France. The casino is one of the world’s most famous, and when you visit it for the first time, you quickly realize why. It is wonderful and has for many years been associated with luxury lenders, who are all our favourite agents James Bond.
Casino Lisbon
In the middle of Portugal’s capital Lisbon, we find Casino Lisboa, a new and fresh casino that opened as late as 2006. For natural reasons, this has become a favourite place for sun-drenched gaming lovers who like to combine Mediterranean life with excitement in front of the casino tables. Most hotels, tourist destinations surround this casino, and there are excellent connections for anyone who wants to discover the rest of Lisbon based on the casino.
General rules
It is difficult to provide some general rules for European casinos, simply because they are so vastly different. It is enough to take a closer look at, for example, London to illustrate this. At Casino at the Empire, all players are welcome, while The Clermont Club has a much more exclusive profile where only members are welcome. To get a picture of the current rules, it is always best to check the website of the relevant casino. At the very least, most casinos require a well-groomed and reasonably clean clothing style, where, for example, sandals, screaming t-shirts and shorts mean that you are not likely to enter. An excellent basic rule, therefore, is to never go to a casino in clothes that had not fit in at a better restaurant or for a pleasant evening in town. Cameras and other electronics are usually not allowed, nor should you have had too many drinks inside the vest before your casino visit.

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